Monday, August 28, 2006

Baldy Makes A Phone Call

I could hardly believe my ears when Tuan Haji told me this morning.

"Baldy called me."

"What does he want," I asked.

"He told me, Has-Been Dato' kicked him out" (exact sentence: "Dato' tendang aku la..")

"Aik.. how come ? I thought he is Has-Been Dato's numero uno adviser?"

"That's what he said. Complaining to me.. apalah nasib kita... how funny.."

"Yeah, hilarious.."

So, Has-Been Dato' will probably put his entirely family in. Perhaps his 10 year old son from his second wife can sit on the la, early training kan ?

stay tuned..

1 comment:

ruby ahmad said...

Dear Seen_er,

Oooooh! You sounded kinda gerrram here. Well, if you detected unfairness (this is rife though), I suppose you would be gerrram!