Monday, August 14, 2006

The Letter

....dengan itu saya sendiri akan mengambil alih jawatan Pengurusi dalam semua syarikat dalam kumpulan. Ini termasuk jawatan Pengurusi yang di pegang oleh tuan.....berkuatkuasa Julai 15, 2006......digugurkan.....ucapkan terima kasih di atas sumbangan.....

Excuse me you moron, the letter was dated July 15, 2006 and it was delivered to him on August 11, 2006. Backdated.. huh ? What you think this is.. a bloody board resolution ? You terminated someone and you had to do it by letter. Dont you think I don't know about the numerous times you asked the despatch "Dah bagi surat kat Tuan Haji?". Don't you have the decency to face him and explain the situation of the company to him personally and why it is in the best interest of the company for the Has-Been Dato' to takeover the chairmanship of the all the companies? You, who literally asked him for financial help when things were tough (remember the '97-98 crisis).. did he ever asked you to repay him back ? He felt it was his responsibilty to help you since he is part owner. Don't you think I don't know that it's about the medical bill that you refuse to pay?

But you know what pisses me off the most ? It is you and your Has-Been Dato' who acted as though you own the company 100%. Remember the arrangement before we did the buyout ? Remember the 80:20 thingy? What happened to the proceed from the sales of shares ? At RM3.80 per share for 450,000 shares, that's close to RM1.7 million. What happened to the money ? The proceed from the palm oil ? The red soil ? I guess truth is what's convenient to you. I do not wish to say more because I can dedicate a whole blog about you and not even sure if that's enough.

... I leave you with this. When you take something that does not belongs to you... well.. you know the rest....

... and I am not done with you.....yet

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