Sunday, March 14, 2010

To the lady driving a champagne colour Honda CR-V (MAV 8***) on ELITE highway, northbound to KLIA on 13/03/2010 @ 6.20pm

From my Facebook Note

I am not a confrontational person by nature. I think the people who knew me would attest to that. However, what happened just two hours ago, well, to put it mildly... pisses me off..

So, what actually happened ?

I was driving back from Melaka, with the missus, my son Haris (who is already 1.5 years old) and my maid. We went back to visit my father in law who had to have an emergency surgery due to an infection to his right foot. So, there we were in the ever reliable Perodua Kembara, driving within the stipulated speed limit (in a full time 4WD like a Kembara, I can be assured of not getting a speeding ticket since there is just so much I can floor the pedal) and was about 3KM from the KLIA exit. I was in the middle lane and I wanted to overtake the car in front of me. Looking at the rear view mirror, I saw a Honda CR-V in the far distance, so I turned my indicator signal and started to overtake*. Within moments, the champagne-colour Honda CR-V was tailing me so close that I could feel the car was barely inches away. After over taking, I turned the indicator signal again and entered the middle lane again. This is when the CR-V drove passed me and the long haired lady driver gave me a look as she was passing by as if saying "Get out of my f****** way you f***** kembara" or "I drive a Honda CR-V as opposed to your Kembara so I have more rights than you on this highway". The car got in front of me and continue to drive leftwards and took the KLIA exit. It was then that I saw the MAV8*** plate number and the "A*** **** Oldboys" sticker on its back windscreen.

Granted, you may be late to the airport to fetch your husband/parents/maid/frien
d but what gives you the right to drive like that. If you don't want to be late, just leave your house a bit earlier. Don't have to endanger other people on the road.

To the wife of the A*** **** oldboy in the champagne colour Honda CR-V (MAV 8***), I don't give a rat's a** if you want to drive like a freakin' boy racer high on ecstasy but when your driving poses a risk to my family on board, here's what I can say to you...

...."**** ***"

I really really wish you are on FB and you can read this.