Thursday, February 24, 2011

The National Library

I can't remember the last time I was at the National Library; it must've been during my PPP/ITM days so that's about 16 years ago.

I somehow mixed up my appointment time, leaving me with 2.5 hours to spare. With the exhorbitant parking rates in KLCC area, I decided to find either find 1) a free place where I can park my car and use my laptop or 2) a place where parking for two hours won't cost me more than my lunch. I decided to drive over to the National Library and with its ample free parking, decided that this would be a really nice place to spend two hours and catch up on my work. I registered myself here and maybe the next time I am in KL for a meeting, I could always drop by here and read.

p/s To the anonymous MCOB who commented on my earlier posting on my English, I would really appreciate it you could contact me at I would certainly like to improve on the quality of my posting and I am sure you could help me with that.