Monday, August 28, 2006

Konsert Irama Tanah Pusaka 2

I would have missed it if Honey Dearest did not tell me about it. A two day concert held at the Istana Budaya with the National Symphony Orchestra playing "lagu rakyat". Called the "Konsert Irama Tanah Pusaka 2", the first one was held last year at about the same time and featured the National Symphony Orchestra with Siti Nurhaliza and Aishah as the special guest performers.

We arrived at approximately 8.00 p.m. for the 8.30 p.m. curtain call and unlike the PGLtM, it was relatively easy to find parking. A sign of the number of audience, I told Honey Dearest. We booked our tickets for the upper circle but we were ushered to the lower stalls, apparently due to the low turnout. So unlike PGLtM :)

I truly enjoyed the concert, especially the opening number with the solo violinist backed the orchestra, belting out traditional tunes like Kenek Kenek Udang, Bunga Melor and Dayung Sampan. Honey Dearest especially likes the fusion of Indian instrument with symphony and it was a shame that not many audience were present. Perhaps due to minimal publicity or perhaps traditional music is still "uncool".

I will definitely watch Konsert Tanah Pusaka 3 next year!


ruby ahmad said...

Hi Seen_er,

Gee! I wish I knew about "Konsert Irama Tanah Pusaka 2". Yeah! There was not much publicity.

I saw PGL too. I loved the Palembang scenes. They were exceptionally captivating. I was most of the time thinking of the tragic consequence between the Princess and Hang Tuah. How they were victims of circumstance.

I do admire the Princess' spirit and philosophy. She was pro-active and she was real. She could see beyond life's trappings.

Btw, I so love your new look. That blue is mesmerisingly soothing. Cheers.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Seen_er,

What was I thinking! Ha ha ha! I meant Majapahit scenes.

seen_er said...

K Ruby,

Tu le.. was trying to place the Palembang into the whole PGL epic.. hehehe:)

I really enjoyed the concert last night. I guess I do have a soft spot for traditional music and believe it or not, one my my favourite is "Tarian Tualang Tiga" (or is it joget ? lupa lah)...

ruby ahmad said...

Dear Seen_er,

Make me understand why "Tari Tualang Tiga" a fav? Is the melody or the lyrics or some association? Cheers.