Monday, July 28, 2008

Month End July '08

I am back at my office again on a monday.

Honey Dearest, though her sprained ankle is improving, is practically immobile and is still on Medical Leave. We did went and see and orthopedic specialist last week but due to the pregnancy, x-ray can't be performed, thus its basically a guessing game on her condition. As the good doctor said, it is not likely to be a fracture but at this rate, it will take much longer than usual to be up and about.

I felt so pressured coming to work today, knowing that August would be a challenging month (cash-flow wise at least) and to some extent, I may have exhausted almost all my avenues.

We'll see...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Malaysia for all Malaysians (Penang Island macam mana?)

I read a very interesting comment someone sent via SMS to The Star today. I can't remember it verbatim but roughly it goes something along this line:

"Very easy explaination why road signs in Penang should also be in Chinese. Majority of population here Chinese and tourist from China are here all year around, not like the seasonal Middle East tourist, hence no need Arabic signage"

I can understand the argument (though not agreeing at all about it) on having the signage for Chinese tourist but too have it because of majority chinese living in Penang Island ? Excuse me, what is our national language again ? Whats this cry about "Oh, everyone is Malaysian.. should not be divided along racial/religious/sexual preferences/bank account lines.." while its ok to have signages in ones language because of majority of a certain race inhibits and island? I don't recall seeing any chinese signage in Singapore, for that matter.

If we must have another language, have it in English.

Dah tinggal 50 tahun pun takkan tak boleh faham bahasa kebangsaan kita ?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Honey Dearest Day In

Honey Dearest has been confined to the room for the last three days due to her sprained ankle. It wasn't so bad when it happened on thursday nite. In fact, she was able to go to work on Friday, albeit walking a bit slowly. However, by saturday morning she was not able to even stand up was at time in tears. Luckily my cousin Abg Razak was able to "urut" the affected leg and Alhamdulillah, she is now able to move around a little bit.

On another note, CONGRATULATIONS to Bogak on the arrival of his fourth son! Another one and he will have his own Cagers basketball team :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fatherhood beckons

If the calculations from the doctors were to be right, I will be a father in exactly two months from now.

That would be on September 16th, 2008.

I wonder who will be the Prime Minister of Malaysia on that day?

Arresting A Politician

Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim, with his problematic back and age, is unlikely to flee or brandish a semi-automatic when faced by the police who came to arrest him.

Why then, the Unit Tindakan Khas with the ski-mask and all when they took him just a few meters before his house ? Flight risk ? Surrounded by armed supporter ? Hell, No.

The poor guy was given until 2.00 pm to present himself at the IPPK. Yeah, had it been 2.01pm, sure.. arrest him.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Debate

Who would have thought Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim with lock horns with Dato' Shabery Chik in a live debate telecast by Astro Awani, Bernama TV and TV9? It did happened and the debate, which took place at Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka was moderated by Datuk Johan Jaafar. The format followed the US presidential debate but the same can't be said about the content.

Anwar was his brilliant self, playing to the gallery and camera. The topic "Hari Ini Bentuk Kerajaan Besok Turun Minyak" was about the current oil issue but Dato' Shabery Chik was more content on delivering personal attacks which has nothing to do with the topic.

... hmmm..

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Morning Traffic

I was on my way back from sending Honey Dearest when I saw the roadblock just before the Kota Darul Ehsan arch on Federal Highway. Lucky for me I was heading towards PJ/Shah Alam or else I would be stuck in a very very long gridlock. The jam lasted all the way until after the the Plaza Toll Batu 3 Shah Alam, a good 15-20km of it.

Business Networking

MARA invited me for a business matching cum seminar session at Golden Straits Villa Beach Resort, Port Dickson. The timing is a bit off as it coincides with the Malaysian International Food and Beverage Fair but luckily MARA moved it one day later and I was able to attend the opening day of MIFB.

I drove from Subang Jaya on friday, leaving my house at around 7.15am. It was indeed a pleasent drive, safe for the half hours spent just getting out of Subang Jaya ! After registration, we were given our accomodation which is an apartment unit with three rooms. The people I shared my units with are some of the nicest and we had a good time discussing and throwing ideas on how best to improve our business.

I wouldnt want to go deeper on the programme (of course, talks and seminars etc) but all in all, it was a fruitful session and I am looking forward to work more with my fellow MARA entreprenuers.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ten Years Ago

Watching the TV the other day, it was as if it was ten years ago...

... with the sodomy charges and all.

You just have to admire the timing.