Friday, August 14, 2009

Hari Jumaat

First and foremost, takziah to the family of Allahyarham Ust Asri Rabbani. He will surely be missed.

The air con in the office is functioning really well, thanks to some minor service done by the repair guy. We did som minor furniture rearrangment too, in anticipation of adding some new staff by the fourth quarter and the office is looking good too. What would make it better is some potted plants perhaps ?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday 13th Aug 09

Finally, someone came to have a look at the aircon. The split unit at my corner is working fine, just pity the rest of the staff who had to sweat it out.

I told Scha to take the rest of the week of. Its better her to be fully rested and come back to work next week.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday the 12th

1106 hrs

Wong told me to get another contractor to fix my office aircon. He is booked solid until next week.

I wanted to visit the FHM09 exhibition today but decided to do so tommorow as it will be more in line with my travel plans. Need to "jimat" petrol, heheh :)


1610 hrs

It's raining outside. Call me sentimental but when it rains, it reminds me of Madison during the fall.. Of all the seasons, fall will always remain my favourite.

I just got off the phone with Yong. Gosh, I will be in trouble tomorrow. Yong's staff can't complete the product by today and I can't deliver to Pulau Indah tomorrow. Apparently Yong's staff goes AWOL in him and yours truly becomes a victim. Yong agrees to write in to explain the delay and I will forward the letter to the client to explain why they can't get their things tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Air Con down...

Nope, I am not involved in any airline or starting one to con anyone...

.. its just that the airconditioning is not working. To make matters worse, our regular service provider will only be able to fix it on wednesday (itu pun kalau dia free). Luckily the split unit at my place still functions so it is still bearable.

.. Scha, the admin clerk was hospitalized yesterday due to miscarriage. All of us at the office are truly sorry for your loss. She was discharged later in the evening and is on MC for three days. Have enough rest Scha, all is under control here.

.. gosh, Wong, if you can't confirm when you can come to fix our aircon, have to get someone else to do it...

Monday, August 03, 2009

"Perjuangan Siapa?"

Both organisers have been going on and on in the media about the impending demonstration. One for and one against. Both heading for the same destination.

In the end, one went ahead while another decided to heed the police's warning and instead sent a representative to hand over the memorandum.

I wasn't there, though I was caught in the crawl on Jalan SyedPutra en route to the MCOBA AGM. What I saw were only the newsfeed on Al Jazeera, Awani, Bernama and TV3. A few things came to mind.

1. Except for a handful of people, why are the protestors made up of Malays? What ever happened to the all the other political parties/NGOs who have been championing for the abolishment of the ISA ? Mana dia ? Mana orang-orang kuat parti "itu" ? The malays, really selfless and accomodating, ya ?

2. Has any of the organizers of the demonstration apologize to the petty traders who suffered losses for not being able to trade due to damages caused? Ok, one may argue that some of the goods were damaged due to the water sprayed by the FRU but it was you who started the demonstration in the first place.

Yes, I may tend to disagree on some aspect of the ISA and how it is being implemented but crippling the state capital in the name of abolishing the act is way too much. The government on the other hand should hasten the review and get these people who oppose the ISA so much to be in the working group.