Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Night walk @ KLCC

I went out for dinner with Honey Dearest last night and it was a unanimous decision : Little Penang Cafe @ KLCC. I am crazy over the cendol while she's absolutely nuts about the Ice Kacang (no puns intended, hehe), not to mention the keow teoy too. Pick her up straight from office within 15 minutes we were ready to order. Not many patrons this time around, so our food was ready in less than ten minutes (though in the menu, it said that the Keow Teoy takes 20 minutes to prepare... hmmm, ada orang lain punye ke ni ? :)

After dinner, I remember that I have to make some deposit into my Citibank account (read: pay credit card debt la) and we decided to walk from KLCC to Menara Citibank. It was quite a distance actually but truly the sight of the buildings, especially the magnificent Petronas Twin Towers is truly breathtaking. Quite a few high end condos are taking shape around and even Honey Dearest remarked that we only notice all these new buildings if we were to actually take a leisurely stroll. Most of the time when we are driving, we tend not to notice but that night, I counted at least two buildings which to me, came out of nowhere.

Truly glorious KLCC...

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