Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lunch with old friends...

I was extremely late for lunch with some of my ex-MCKK buddies, well, it would've time out well had the Damansara toll not as congested as it was. We are meeting, of all places, at Devi's Corner in Jalan Telawi, an area not to be known as a parking-friendly area (unlike my office, where I can take up two parking space and there are plenty more available for the lorries and whatnot:)

I ended up being almost 20 minutes late (thank goodness there were plenty of parking at the Bangsar Village) and joined the rest for lunch (food was hardly memorable.. and they made a big fuss about the drink, but let's not waste our time there). It's great to be able to catch up with the guys during lunch break like this. I did realized though, that I was the only non-banker/VC around.

Anyway, the conversation steered towards my upcoming wedding (all four are married, with at least one kid) and as expected, one question came up.

"You sure about wanting to get married ? You really sure ah ?"

To which I answered resoundingly, "Yes"

Of course, there were more follow ups which I rather not print here... hehe :)

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