Friday, August 25, 2006

It's Friday Night

It's 8.15 pm on a friday night and I am still at the office. I am actually waiting for a very important email and at the same time, killing time before my family join me here for dinner to celebrate my cousin's birthday.

Still no email... and boy, am I hungry or what!


ruby ahmad said...

So did you receive the mail, huh? Good birthday night out? Hope you did! Cheers.

seen_er said...

My dearest K Ruby,

Nah, the email did not come in until monday morning... luckily the person called me on saturday from Bangkok, thus I was able to extract the neccessary infomation from him.

Birthday dinner was at Big Plate restaurant, which is like 5 minutes walk from my office. Food is still great but they do have to look into their staffing requirement urgently.