Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I got my blood test results from the doctor today.

Coming from a family with a history of the "big three" (diabetes, hypertension and heart problem), the risk for me to get one of the three is quite high. Prior to the blood test, I went to see the doctor for a different reason and I asked her to check by blood pressure. It was quite high and she requested me to do another reading within a week. My second reading was also quite high (only a minimal, insignificant drop) and she asked me to do a blood test.

The numbers, though not as bad as thought it'd be, doesn't really put me in the pink of health and there are certainly many areas that I need to work on.

A lot of things certainly need to change...


ruby ahmad said...

Hi Seen_er,

Thanks for hopping over my blog the other day.

Walk, walk and walk. I'm no doc but I know that is the best remedy so far. Cheers.

seen_er said...

K Ruby,

Well, I've started to swim again... and hopefully have the discipline to continue doing so, heheh