Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Down The Memory Lane

Kudos to TV9 for showing some of the tv series from the late 80s/early 90s.

TV9 was showing the drama "Naik Tangga Turun Tangga" while I was writing this. It's fun to see all the cast looking so retro.. (Azwan Ali, a few kilos ago, looking suave in a blazer with t-shirt ala Miami Vice). Hussin Abu Hassan, Aunty Ruby, Arwah Hani Mohsein, Rosnah Mat Aris (sans the blond hair, of course) reminds me of what it was like back then.

Raja Ema is also one of the cast. I can see Honey Dearest giving me that look and laughing at me whenever Raja Ema appears on TV.

Why... heheheh... for me to know and for all of you NEVER to find out...:))


ruby ahmad said...

Hi Seen_er,

Don't be like that! Arousing curiosity to kay pohs like Fizzy and me..ha ha. So what of Raja Emma...quick, tell me in the mail ok..ha ha!

Who is aunty 'my namesake'?? Cheers.

seen_er said...

K Ruby,

Raja Ema.. ? Hmmm.. :))

Aunty Ruby here refers to Rubiah Suparman. My parents happened to perform the hajj together with her in '92 and have been our family friend ever since.