Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Club AGM

Ayah wasn't feeling very well that day, in fact he was down with a very high fever since he came back from KB on friday night. However, he has promised to attend the AGM and vote as proxies for of the members who can't attend the meeting. So there we were, driving to the club for the Annual General Meeting.

I started attending the club AGM since the last four years or so. Club AGMs are totally different from the company AGMs. Where company can AGMs normally last not more than 10-20 minutes, our club AGM seldom ends before one p.m. Most shareholders attend company AGM for the food spread. I know this for a fact because I handled a few AGMs for my previous company and its a wonder if any meeting last for more than ten minutes. So much about shareholder activism:)

However, our golf club AGM is totally in the elements of its own. Members are vocal and very passionate about the issues raised at the AGM. I guess unlike being a shareholder of a company, club members are directly affected by the issues pertaining to the club (the more so because many of them can be seen almost daily, whether on the golf course or at the terrace). Over the years, there were many issues brought up and it is actually fun seeing the members putting across their points, sometime to the exesperation of the club president who chairs the meeting. Normally its the same people who speaks at all the meeting; so much so that sometimes these people are voted in as management committees of the club. Walk the talk la..:) Then again, perhaps they were trying to make themselves known, in order to be voted in as member of the MC ? Hmmm...

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