Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Langkawi Escapade Prt 2

We boarded the Air Asia flight which was only half-full. The weather was great during the flight and we landed in Langkawi as scheduled. Upon disembarking and collecting our luggage, we made our way to the the car rental counter where a friend of Hafiz waited for us to hand us the car key. I initially reserved a Proton Wira, for a very good price, but we were told that only the Nissan Sentra was available and since we are friends of Hafiz, we got it for the price of the Wira. No complains here !

We drove the car to the Kg Tok Senik Resort, using the map handed out by the Tourism Authority at the airport as our guide. Not a great map to begin with, but this being Langkawi, I am quite sure we'll not get lost. After missing a few turns and having to stop at a petrol pump for directions, we finally reached the resort.

The resort was quite lovely, with its authentic malay village settings. It was really a wise decision to rent a car as the rooms (or villas) are scattered all over hilly terrain, overlooking the paddy fields. We got to our room, which is quite spacious and fashioned after the traditional malay houses. The place was incredibly calm and peaceful and pretty soon after unpacking, we felt asleep.

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