Friday, January 30, 2009

To Sum Up The Week

  1. The whole family went back to Melaka during the Chinese New Year break (more details at As usual, a lot of thoughts were put to making sure the journey will not be spent too much on the road and indeed the journey was really pleasent. Are there less people going back to their home towns or a lot of them are taking advantage of Plus' offer of discount for travelling during off-peak period ?
  2. My son reached a very important milestone this week - dah boleh meniarap! He seemed pleased with his newfound abilities and been at it for most of the time!
  3. Driving to work on Wednesday-Friday was truly heavenly. Barely any traffic on the road.
  4. Met up with an old friend from my primary school days. I haven't met Yong Sean since after the SPM examinations. Even when I was in MCKK, we would meet up during our school break. A lot of catching up took place and since Singapore is just a bus ride away, I could always look him whenever I am next in the Lion City.
  5. The online store is on track for launch Feb 1, 2009. Get ready for it :)
  6. Also, its time to put something from the past behind.

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