Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gaza... are we just sitting here doing nothing ?

Are we?

The scenes on the TV during news everyday really breaks the heart. For innocent children to go through such deathly and traumatic experience is totally unacceptable. Israel is nothing but a war-crazy county hell-bent at obliterating the people of Gaza from their rightful land.


roslan_o said...

what are we capable of ? instead of talking and boycotting some of so called 'US' products

I guess that will be less than 1% impact to them .

lets brain dump , and play some roll.

Ummah Bangkit!

Shahrulmiza said...

Letih aku nak follow isu ni. Ramai menangguk di air keruh. I just did on my part sebagai insan yang lemah dan tiada kuasa untuk mengubah keadaan... the rest, kita doa banyak2 pada Allah!