Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Physically... me

Its already the second week of 2009, with 50 more weeks to go. 2008 wasn't such a bad year (especially with the birth of the apple of my eyes:) but really hoping for 2009 to be a better one. Good signs are there but with the current economic situation, it will be more challenging than before.

Year in year out, there is always this one thing that will be on top of the list. Lose the pounds, brother. Again, year in and year, not happening as planned :)

I am not in the best of shape, when it comes to fitness. By weight and girth of the tummy, I would be catergorized to have in risk in god-knows how many types of disease, hehe! Not to forget the history of heart problem and hypertension in the family.

Every year I resolved to shed those unwanted (and un-neeeded) pounds and its not because I want to fit into some old Dockers pants (it'll be nice to fit in those, though) but its because I know that the longer I am in this current physical shape, the more risk I am taking with my health. True, ajal maut di tangan Allah but I do want to live long enough to see Amir Haris (and insya Allah, his siblings) grow up and become a Muslim that I would be proud of.

Now, where is that nice Docker Pants that I could fit if I lose another 5kg ? Heheh...


Shahrulmiza said...

Betul tu geng... kita ni dapat pingat "PJK" yang tak bertauliah... hehehehe... aku kat sini pun kurang beriadah, kalau kat Penang dulu selalu gak main takraw dengan member sama kawasan perumahan petang2... golf baru merancang nak berjinak2... hehehehe

seen_er said...


Pasal golf, nanti balik sini kita boleh jelajah golf courses sama2:)

Miss S said...

hi lann.. happy birthday! jom fitness first :)