Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday the 12th

1106 hrs

Wong told me to get another contractor to fix my office aircon. He is booked solid until next week.

I wanted to visit the FHM09 exhibition today but decided to do so tommorow as it will be more in line with my travel plans. Need to "jimat" petrol, heheh :)


1610 hrs

It's raining outside. Call me sentimental but when it rains, it reminds me of Madison during the fall.. Of all the seasons, fall will always remain my favourite.

I just got off the phone with Yong. Gosh, I will be in trouble tomorrow. Yong's staff can't complete the product by today and I can't deliver to Pulau Indah tomorrow. Apparently Yong's staff goes AWOL in him and yours truly becomes a victim. Yong agrees to write in to explain the delay and I will forward the letter to the client to explain why they can't get their things tomorrow.

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