Monday, August 03, 2009

"Perjuangan Siapa?"

Both organisers have been going on and on in the media about the impending demonstration. One for and one against. Both heading for the same destination.

In the end, one went ahead while another decided to heed the police's warning and instead sent a representative to hand over the memorandum.

I wasn't there, though I was caught in the crawl on Jalan SyedPutra en route to the MCOBA AGM. What I saw were only the newsfeed on Al Jazeera, Awani, Bernama and TV3. A few things came to mind.

1. Except for a handful of people, why are the protestors made up of Malays? What ever happened to the all the other political parties/NGOs who have been championing for the abolishment of the ISA ? Mana dia ? Mana orang-orang kuat parti "itu" ? The malays, really selfless and accomodating, ya ?

2. Has any of the organizers of the demonstration apologize to the petty traders who suffered losses for not being able to trade due to damages caused? Ok, one may argue that some of the goods were damaged due to the water sprayed by the FRU but it was you who started the demonstration in the first place.

Yes, I may tend to disagree on some aspect of the ISA and how it is being implemented but crippling the state capital in the name of abolishing the act is way too much. The government on the other hand should hasten the review and get these people who oppose the ISA so much to be in the working group.


Stone Gossard said...

Too much politicking in this country! for the sake of our future generation, they should put their ideology behind and work together for better Malaysia.

sick of this situation, I will not give my vote for next election...

seen_er said...

Stone Gossard

Exactly... If I remember correctly, the election was over almost 1.5 years ago. Why don't they start working together ?