Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In Pursuit of HAPPYness...

On Saturday (Feb 24, 2007) I went to watch "In Pursuit of Happyness" at Cathay cinema, Mutiara Damansara with Honey Dearest. During our courting days, our normal haunt is the GSC at Mid Valley (due to the proximity to our offices) but of late, we have been frequenting the Cathay at Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara. I guess being a new cineplex, the layout and seats (yes, the seats! Check out the generous legroom) are much more user-friendly. Being close to Ikea, Ikano Power Center, The Tesco and The Curve is also another plus point.

Enough about cineplex.. back to the movie..

...the movie touched me in very personal way, because honestly, I can relate to what the main character, Chris Gardner (played wonderfully by the ever-talented Will Smith) goes through, albeit on a lesser scale. I knew that the movie was about the struggle of father to bring up his son (played by Jaden Smith, Will's son) in the face of economic difficulties but I never expected it to hit home in such a way. I have been though many moments that was potrayed in the movie and to see him succeed in the end only strengthened my resolve that the things I am going through now are just setbacks.

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