Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Little Rambling Here and There

A lot of things seemed to have taken place these last two weeks or so:

1. MU -the By Election, not the football club (though more of that later in this post). So, as expected BN lost again to PAS. But what was not expected was the slim margin by which PAS retained the seat. In one of the online news portal, PAS was very confident of garnering a majority of at least 2,000 votes and with voters turnout of more than 85%, it was a possible. However, it never happened and PAS (and PR too) start to throw this accusation of money being handed out by the BN etc.

Oh, come on lah...

2. MU, the football team. No, I am not a supporter of MU and I don't really give a rat's ass on the EPL. Yeah, I have some affinity for Liverpool when I was younger but I am more into the local league.. true blue Selangor Fan.

It's always great to have your team in town, but please, you are Malaysian first and MU fan second.

I need not elaborate, the Malaysian coach K. Rajagobal has said it all about how the stadium was silent when Amri Yayhah (yeay, Selangor player!) scored the equalizer.

3. The Fall from 14th floor. Please la stop politicizing this issue and let the police do their job.

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Torres said...

i'm there in the stadium and we support malaysia. when amri score we celebrate.