Friday, December 05, 2008


Yes, this posting is dedicated to you guys. You old f**ts know who you are.

It was suppose to be a nice game of golf for my friend and I at KGPA. I have never played at KGPA, thus was really looking forward to the challenges of the green. Since there were only two of us (and we are expecting rain later in the afternoon), we played at a reasonable pace.

It must have been at the second hole where we notice these old f**ts playing behind us. We kept quite a reasonable distance with our pace and when we teed off at the fourth hole (which is a Par 3), these old f***ts were hitting shots approaching the green of the 3rd hole. My shot was spot on, landing squarely on the far side of the green while my friend had the unfortunately sliced his shot to the right of the green, quite a distance from the green.

While my friend was laying his shot, I managed to two put my ball for a par and waited for my friend to complete his shot. I was standing outside of the green by the tree while my friend's shot landed in the bunker. My phone suddenly rang (it was a call from the office) and I picked up the phone. Suddenly I heard a voice from far:

"Cakap telefon, woi, tak payah main golf la! Gi balik la"

One of the old f**ts shouted from the tee box and another shouted something incomprehensible (these are old f**ts anyway).

We ignored them while my friend finished off his shot as fast as he could.

Wei, old f**ts... "aku dah amik shot aku, and aku answer the phone kat bawah pokok tepi green, bukan kat atas green tu, b****h!"

"Ingatkan main pandai sangat. Yang pakai seluar panjang dgn setokin tutup seluar tu, OB jugak shot... you Org T** C**** ."


Shahrulmiza said...

Hehehehe... next time we can play together... hehehehe...

Shaz said...

marah nampak.. heheh!

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