Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Office Updates

1. My clerk went AWOL since after the Eid break. The last I heard from her was a day before Eid where she sent me an SMS (contents shall not be revealed), which among others, stated that her father no longer "allow" her to work at my company. Its her first job and its always difficult when parents interfere (macam kat sekolah pulak). I have been nothing but nice to her but if this is the way she is acting, then, good luck to the new employer.

2. After a week of evaluating, I've decided to get the office new copier from the company who happens to be across the street from our office. To think that I had companies from all over KL coming to submit quotations.

1 comment:

Shahrulmiza said...

Bukan senang nak manage human resources... mcm2 ragam... gua cakap lu... hehehehe...