Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Down Memory Lane: Ramadan circa 82-87

When I was in Standard One, I only managed ONE full of fasting. It was on a sunday and I remember I was practically on the couch the whole day. The rest of the fasting months were the "buka puasa tutup puasa" regime, where I would fast until noon and self declared that the fast continues after I have taken my lunch, hehehe.

It was only in standard two when I managed to extend it to 26 days of full day fast. The remainder 4 days I did not fast was because I was down with fever. In standard three, it improved to 28 days with two days of fever and finally when I was in standard four, I finally managed to complete one full month of fasting.

These were the days before the bazaar ramadan, so breaking of fast were practically like having early dinner, with some kuihs brought from street vendors who continue to sell at their lot even in Ramadan.

However, what was memorable during this time (especially in my std 5-std 6 years) were the Tarawih prayers. During that time, there was only one mosque for the whole of Subang Jaya (USJ was just a plantation back then) and it is the SS15 mosque. We would perform the Isyak prayer, a few rakaats for the Tarawih and all of us would head to 7 Eleven near the old pasar for Slurpee. Sometimes we would play with fireworks and firecrackers but it was evetually banned when on one fine sunday evening, someone decided to play during the day time and a stray firework landed on a pile of paper at mosque's entrance and caused a small fire.

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