Tuesday, August 12, 2008

UiTM di Hatiku Part One

Wujudmu di sini di tanah anak merdeka
Bagai obor ilmu memayungi putera-puterinya
Pelopor hidup budaya bangsa
Agama Negara

OK, that's as much as I can remember on the UiTM song but I had the opportunity to sing in on two occassions : my ADP certificate presentation ceremony during my PPP/ITM days and during the convocation for my MBA (during the commencement for my degree at UW-Madison, I sang The Star Spangled Banner, heheh... hey, please don't question my loyalty to my Malaysia). My attachment to UiTM is also due to my parents whom are both UiTM graduates. Reminicsing back on stories told by parents, it was ITM that gave them the chance to improve themselves and makes them what they are today. If it wasn't for ITM, none of them would graduate with Bachelors and Masters degree from the United States and I would probably be writing this blog in Bahasa Malaysia.

So,when someone suggested opening 10% of UiTM intakes to the non-bumis, you can bet it touches a lot of nerve.

... more will be discussed.

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Shahrulmiza said...

Hang di ADP, aku di AUSMAT for around 2 years... walaupun short stint in ITM (at that time), my speret and love for this alma mater was so strong... dan kenangan paling manis bagi aku adalah kejayaan menjulang nama ITM sebagai juara takraw antara matriks universiti tahun 1994 serta overall games champion... fuhh... i'm proud of ITM's achievements... semuanya atas titik peluh anak bangsa kita...