Monday, July 14, 2008

Business Networking

MARA invited me for a business matching cum seminar session at Golden Straits Villa Beach Resort, Port Dickson. The timing is a bit off as it coincides with the Malaysian International Food and Beverage Fair but luckily MARA moved it one day later and I was able to attend the opening day of MIFB.

I drove from Subang Jaya on friday, leaving my house at around 7.15am. It was indeed a pleasent drive, safe for the half hours spent just getting out of Subang Jaya ! After registration, we were given our accomodation which is an apartment unit with three rooms. The people I shared my units with are some of the nicest and we had a good time discussing and throwing ideas on how best to improve our business.

I wouldnt want to go deeper on the programme (of course, talks and seminars etc) but all in all, it was a fruitful session and I am looking forward to work more with my fellow MARA entreprenuers.


Shahrulmiza said...

Ada dapat good leads? Knp diaorang buat kat PD lak? Mcm retreat ker?

seen_er said...


Well.. according to Mara, "kita buat cara santai sikit..". Tapi actually, the programme was proposed by a company based in PD who owns the resort (anak didik Mara juga), hence the PD location. Leads tu, well... basically orang2 yang jumpa ni are basically the same circle of people you would meet in any Mara events, so its more of strengthening ties, the likes :)