Monday, May 26, 2008

Indiana Jones...

Last friday, Honey Dearest and I made our way to the GSC at One Utama to catch the latest Indiana Jones movie. Honey is a big Harrison Ford fan (heheh, really BIG fan!) and since it's been 20 years from the last Indiana Jones movie, we decided to catch it early.

I remember back then, about 21 years back I was interviewed by Berita Harian (something about my scholastic achievement, which honestly, was not really something to shout about) and when they asked me what was my ambition, I replied "Archeologist" (which they wrote "Ahli Kajipurba"). The article actually appeared on bottom of the front page and made me a "mini-celebrity" at my primary school and "sekolah agama". But why the ahli kajipurba ? Hehehe, coz i wanted to be like Indiana Jones :)


ruby ahmad said...

Hi Seen_er,

My word and me too I went to see the same movie with my family, but not on friday..he he. What a great action packed movie as usual. I was holding my breaths here and there throughout the movie.

seen_er said...

Hi K Ruby

Yeah, its great to see Indie back in action :) The baby in the tummy must be quite excited too as throughout the movie, it kept moving and kicking the mummy :)