Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Morning Coffee

Sunday mornings usually means having breakfast at home with the whole family, reading the sunday papers and turning on the Astro to watch whatever is on.

However, today is a bit different as at the time of writing, I am having coffee with Honey Dearest at Starbuck@The Curve, while waiting for the 11.30am screening at the Ciniplex. Its acually nice to have a routine switch once in a while, no matter how simple it may be. In my twenty minutes or so of being here, I spotted a few celebrities leisurely strolling (Daphne Iking, do look GOOD in the flesh:) and saw a few friends too.

I wish we have more shopping malls like The Curve where one do not feel so confined as we may feel in our typical urban mall.

Okay, times up. Gotto go to the movies :)

1 comment:

*fizzy* said...

Seems like I missed quite a lot of your entries.
So, have you+Honey Dearest meet K Ruby?
She's in Mekah/Madinah by now right, for her Umrah.
Do post an entry when you guys meet up..
I wonder when I'll get to hang out.

So, Mrs Seen_er is from Selindang Delima?
Send her my warmest regards, from a Mahsurian.
[Anak buah Miss Vicky!] LOL