Thursday, October 26, 2006

Aidilfitri Entry #3

Monday, October 23, 2006…

One day before Aidilfitri.

Mak told me that as a custom practiced in Melaka, I have to send to honey dearest some fresh items such as meat, fish and vegetable in the morning. She will then cook it and send it over to me in time for buka puasa. To be honest, I am not aware of such custom. Apparently it is unique to Melaka and only for those who are engaged. I guess it’s just one way of finding out the culinary skills of the future bride, but in a more subtle way J

Anyway, honey dearest came over to the house with adik around 6.00 pm with the cooked food and what a spread it was! Ayam goring rempah, daging masak lemak pisang, sayur campur, ikan pekasam and not forgetting, one of my favourite kuih, buah melaka. Needless to say, honey dearest’s cooking passed with flying coloursJ

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